A Brief History of Me

My mother is from Beijing, China; my mother's father was a landowner in Northern China, while my mother's mother comes from the plains of Mongolia. My mother's father bears the family name of a lineage that was executed almost to the last man in early Chinese history because of a spat with the Emperor. My father (and his father and mother) are from Central China.

My father and mother were forced out of China during the Communist revolution at a young age. They fled to Taiwan, where they eventually schooled at Tunghai University until they recieved their Bachelor's degrees. They then came to America in the sixty's as graduate students. They met in college, married after graduation, and had my big sister Heidi, me, and finally, my little sister Holly. Now, aren't you glad you clicked that link?

A picture of me with my little sister and mother.

A picture of my dad, mom, and little sister.

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