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High speed/high density signalling

Gore (see electronics section)
High Density Interconnect Online
Fast Links Project at UNC

Reconfigurable computing Homepage (now obsolete, I fear, try
List of FPGA-based Computing Machines

FPGA proceedings (MIT accessible)

Class D amps

Linifinity LX1720 class-D amp.

Cool stuff

gooze is one of the coolest/most artistic applications of image processing and streaming language technology
Mathphysics apps note to self--spend a day or two browsing this.
Photodiode preamp design tool from ADI, very nice. circuits and realize them using...Java!
Optimize your Wife...more fun than cool. I'll have to disagree with the derivation but it's funny nonetheless.
Build your own Scanning Tunelling Microscope (STM). I'm going to put this on my long term todo list :)
ucDimm, looks like The Right Thing for doing basic embedded development....I need to remember this one.
The virtual kitty keyboard...been waiting for something like this to come out for years...
Barcode generator cool and fun....
Xport by Lantronix. It's been a while since I've added something to the cool stuff area. This definitely qualifies.
Parallax Barrier 3-D LCD displays from Sharp.
Chipworks specializes in reverse engineering chips. Cool. Real cool.
Free fonts!
Icarus verilog a linux-compatible verilog that is free! I wish I had time to add an ASIC back-end to this...
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music...
The Electronica Primer...
Subsonic Underground Store...happy hardcore outlet!
White Electronic Designs...I like their 64 MByte single-package BGA SDRAM.
Big Bang Records...on-line vinyl for your import games cravings. Got Playstation 2? ;-) Also see NCS...
Remap control and caps lock with ease and confidence under windows 95 and 98.
Remap control and caps lock with ease and confidence under win2k...except that the documentation has an error: there is an extra pair of zeroes in the example scancode map (the middle one starting with 0300....) each entry should be 32 bits long.
Solotrek. I want! I want!
Babelfish. Excellent. Without the slimy feeling in your ear.
Berkeley Wireless Research Center.
Tiny Microcameras.
White Electronic Designs, cool stuff on high density devices and MCMs
Freedom CPU! A GPL'd CPU. Cool stuff.
Use Acrobat Distiller as a general purpose PS language interpreter!
Multi-chip package from Toshiba--packs SRAM and FLASH into a single BGA package. God's gift to the portable embedded designer.
MP-3 Car stereo awwww yeah! A strong-arm 220 MHz linux box decoding MP3's with 28 gigs--7000 songs--in your car stereo. Slides out to function as a home deck too.
CPen Pen PDA that has OCR and IrDA so you can snarf text with a wave of the CPen.
Palm OS source code You too can get the source code to the Palm Pilot organizer!
Build your own storm trooper and learn how to vacuum form polystyrene while you're at it!
DJ Rhythms...
Comparison of RISC architectures
Linux and Chemistry useful programs for chemists, biologists, and computer designers looking for hard programs to run.
High Speed CMOS Circuit Design" lecture notes from Stanford.
Booting linux without a hard disk (embedded-style)
More embedded linux
Embedded linux resource end of all my time waste-age trying to find chips. plane tix...
FoneFinder to find exchange mappings (does international too).
An old article from Byte magazine which gives you some hilarious tips on how to make your system more reliable. Not quite "cool stuff", but funny...
Molecule of the Month yay!
MIT webmail, for MIT students only

Info depot

city data demographics and such
MOSFET operation illustration, probably the best demonstration I've seen of how interactive education can enhance understanding of a device or principle of operation.
Circuit sage a great reference for analog circuit design ideas and analysis!!!
TCL/Tk tutorial
TCL/Tk reference.
Public record finder in california, sort of useful
Identify hardware via part number, manufacturer logo. Even includes some lot code ID stuff. the world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor info.
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present
Protomold for prototype molds, quick turn jobs. Neat.
Level translation circuits quick reference.
Wafer costs according to one model. Also, a breakdown of 300 mm wafer costs from IC Knowledge.
GBA tech specs. yum. a great piece of work.
Digitimes, full of interesting electronics market news
Paj's Crypto Home Page
Neoseeker, fairly interesting industry news site.
An interesting historical record of the Dreamcast...pretty accurate afaik...
RF Cafe, a nifty little webpage for you RF types...
Investment calculators, really handy now that I actually make some money...
RxList, a good source of info on pharmacological implements.
Java language spec
Chipworks specializes in reverse engineering chips. Cool. Real cool.
Big list o' USB silicon vendors...useful if you're thinking about doing USB
Open Hardware Cores!!!! Yeah baby!
Even more open cores...
FPGA CPU free cores...
On-line latex help
Verilog reference manual for Xilinx parts...
The World Fact Book. This is a pretty cool compilation of information about countries.
PC Tech Guide, not too bad...
Tech Fest...links to more links
Thorough Memory Tester Program
ISA tech info
Naprotek does low-volume, quick-turn prototype assembly. BGA-capable, and they have an X-ray machine to boot.
Trace width calculator versus temperature rise and current (PCB design)
Board impedance and trace width calculator
VERA database for those at MIT. A good starting point for literature searches.
Interesting people in supercomputing.
On-line textbook for a prob/stats class
MAJC Architecture introduction (Sun Microsystems)
Menus from the boston area
IBM's Patent Server
Microtouch, maker of touch screens
Future fab magazine
Reseller Ratings...check here before you buy on-line. It may save you some hassle!
Computational E&M Codes Available on the Internet.
ARM Linux Page
Stanford Smart Memories Project.
Lectures on Parallel Algorithms for Scientific Applications.
Virtual textbook for EE535 at WPI--great resource for communications technologies.
Network simulators...a partial "starting point" list.
Wireless transmission work in progress for EE535 at WPI.
Java 1.2 API reference
Java 1.1.1 Core API reference
FAQ consortium. A lot of info here.
Digital Technical Journal
Government's High Performance Computing and Communication program Fil's Faq site. Good useful stuff (pinouts, etc) here.
PCI Home Page
Tom's Hardware Guide
High Performance Microprocessor Site found in Russia. Good stuff.
The Register. A UK electronics on-line mag. Good stuff. It seems the rest of the world ain't parochial to the wintel empire. Thank god!
MicroDesign Resources
Welcome To SPEC - ever debate with a friend on which machine is faster? Here are some official benchmarks.
List of ARM-based products
Linx Technologies, wireless made easy!
EMPiRE's World of Hardware the CD-R guide, many other goodthings here too!
Technical Bibliography of microwave/RF stuff by Chris Trask (thank you!)
PN Codes from Spread Spectrum Scene.
Polystor Li-Ion Batteries datasheets. For my reference, mostly.
Glossary from the Stammtisch Beau Fleuve. An interesting compilation of lots of stuff you like to have defined but not in the dictionary.
Table for the standard normal probability distribution function
Small business tax info, straight from the horse's mouth.
I-campus @ MIT
Rochester Electronics, leaders on the trailing edge of technology.
CPU Info Center has some nice CPU die shots.
CPU history list...some good historical perspective and tutorial on architectures
San Diego county real estate info page



Semiconductor Companies

Maixm: I always forget their website name...

Lightwave Communications Components Sources

SDL Integrated Optics...LiNbO3 optical modulators
SDL America...more laser components
Finisar...fiber transcievers
Advanced Photonics...light detection and amplification
Bookham...all kinds of fiber stuff, Tx Rx, WDM, amps, etc.
Dymec...hi-ref fiberoptics.
Electro-Optical Systems...looks like they do high-power IR stuff.
E-Tek...all kinds of cool WDM toys, amplifiers, fiber components.
Optek...some basic IR and magnetic transducer stuff.
Telcom Devices...a good range of discrete emitters/detectors, etc.

Fun Stuff

Tenchi Muyo links and fun stuff.

Wafer Foundries

Orbit Technology
Taiwan Semi Mfg Co

Board companies

PNC Inc. -Quality PC Boards & SMT laser Stencils
Printed Circuit R esources
Prototype Circuit Board by AP Circuits Producers of quality printed circuit boards. circuit board printed graphics prototype
PC Boards - Prototype Printed Circuit Boards
ECD Internet Express Homepage
Advanced Circuits
E P Circuits
Quick Turn Circuits, Inc.
Circuitfab Co.
R&D Circuits
Sierra Proto Express
The Republic Technolgy Page
Smartflex Home Page
Flex Circuits & Flex Heaters Prototype Page
Circuits DMA
Details, Inc.
Data circuits systems
Value printed circuits
Via Sytems
Automata International


Marshall's Search Engines

Pioneer Electronics Don't be fooled by the cover page.
Digi-Key Product Finder

Some bookmarks, possibly useful for EE-oriented types, which I've found around the web.

AltaVista: Main Page - a heavenly gift. I use it frequently for literature searches for my thesis.
CARD Products Home Page
UPS Package Tracking
FedEx Airbill Tracking
Interfacing to the IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port
Amara's Wavelet Page
compu.Ad's Utility page
IEEE Home Page
EDN Access
Artificial Life and Genetic Algorithms
Lecture notes for M.Sc. Data Communication Networks and Distributed Systems D51 -- Basic Communications and Networks
Lecture Notes for BioBM 232
Index of /stocks/stockpgs/
EE 4984 - CDMA versus TDMA
Irvine Sensors Corporation
The Cross-Platform Page: Encoding and Compression Formats
HwB: The Hardware Book (Mirror)

Counterpane Homepage
Bunnie's Burrow

Completely unrelated but handy, here is some info grabbed off a page found in an altavista search, and preserved here in case the page goes away.

Example To illustrate this concepts, the classical example is the "coding" (crypting) method
of replacing each letter by another one (or another arbitrary symbol).

Which was just the style of cryptology known by the world war II.

In practice this kind of coding can be easily decrypted by using the probaility distribution
of apparition of symbols in the coded messages and comparing it with the known probability
distribution of letters in the original language.

The next table shows the letters of the alphabet, along with their approximate probabilities
of occurrence in the English language.

(the letters are listed in decreading order of frequency)
Letter Probability Letter Probability Letter Probability
Space 0.1859 H 0.0467 P 0.0152
E 0.1031 L 0.0321 G 0.0152
T 0.0796 D 0.0317 B 0.0127
A 0.0642 U 0.0228 V 0.0083
O 0.0632 C 0.0218 K 0.0049
I 0.0575 F 0.0208 X 0.0013
N 0.0754 M 0.0198 Q 0.0008
S 0.0514 W 0.0175 J 0.0008
R 0.0484 Y 0.0164 Z 0.0005
The binary entropy of the english alphabet is appoximately:

4.07991 bits

That means that when we take one letter from a text at random the uncertainty about
the result is 4.07991 bits.

But if the outcome results to be the letter 'M', then:

x = 'M'

and so,

p(x) =  0.0198

the information quantity of 'M' is:

-log2(p(x))  = -log2( 0.0198 ) = 5.6584 bits

The probability of getting this information quantity is the same
probability of apparition of 'M', that is p(x).

For that reason, entropy can be seen as the expected value of
information obtained by sampling the source.

It is, after all, a weighted sum of information quantities.
Where the weights are their respectives probabilities.