SH1WH Emdedded Controller and Peripherals

By bunnie

This web page has the basic description and pricing for the embedded controller system used in the Advanced Embedded Microcontroller seminar. Please order early for speedy delivery. Documentation in the form of users manuals, slide presentations, development environment with full source code, and schematics is available at the seminar home page.

Note that this product has been sold out, and is being phased out due to the difficulty associated with obtaining the SH-1 chips.

SH1WH Mainboard

The SH1WH flexible embedded controller has the following specifications:

It is well suited for a broad range of applications, including intelligent motor control, user terminal, process control, automotive, and robotics applications.

The full-featured SH1WH is available in small quantities for $249 per board. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For those who are budget-constrained, special configurations can be made which can lower your price. For example, you may subtract the DRAM option and lower your price by $15, or you may subtract the D/A converter and lower your price by another $13. Please contact Andrew Huang ( for details.

System block diagram:

system block diagram

Images of the top and bottom of the board (not to scale):

Top of board..........bottom of board

SH1WH Breakout Board

Due to the small footprint of the SH1WH embedded controller, all I/O are made available on special fine-pitch connectors. For rapid prototyping purposes, a breakout board is available that pins out all the I/O pins to standard 0.1" spaced pads. The breakout board is also available with an FPGA option which gives you 32 lines of very flexible digital I/O.

Feature summary:

The SH1WH-BB1 is available in small quantities with the following pricing options:

SH1WH High-Current Motor Driver Board

The SH1WH-MD1 is a 2-channel, full H-bridge motor driver board developed by Holly Gates. They can be stacked to get more motor driver channels.

Feature summary:

This board is available now in small quantities through its creator, Holly Gates ( Specifications subject to change; contact Holly for pricing information.

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