Some Projects I've Done (this page is REALLY old)

My most recent project is the Datawear. Above and below are the top and bottom views of the board I designed and laid out for the project. Datawear is intended to be a light, wearable computer for biomedical data collection.

I've also done a bunch of other projects, but I don't have photos for all of them. The following is an experimental parallel elastic force controlled actuator I built out of a speaker. It was demo'd as a haptic interface, simulating the feel of a pushbutton switch.

This is one of my earliest projects, a Radio Shack car chassis hacked up with motor drivers and sensors so my Apple II+ could control it.

This project was entered into the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. It's an embedded controller based on the 80188 targetted at laboratory automation applications (I hated doing titrations in high school and I thought it was the dumbest I tried to automate the process)

Another early project of mine, an expansion card for the Apple II+. This card features two parallel I/O chips, onto which I built a voice synthesizer, an 8 channel A/D converter, and an EEPROM programmer (couldn't afford to buy one...). This was done the summer after 8th grade, so my construction technique was primative. 6.111 digital lab project at MIT. It was a 48-bit wide VLIW (very long instruction word) DSP processor. It had two multipliers, two adders, some FIFOs and other fun stuff built around a crosspoint switch and register file. A lot of wiring. (I just realized that I scanned this photo in upside down...just in case you are wondering why it looks funny)

I don't have anymore photos on hand of projects of done, but I've built things such as an 18" subwoofer plus active crossover, a music-coordinated light flasher, a video digitizer, a class-D (switching) audio amplifier out of a RISC microprocessor, and others. I've done some projects in internships too, mostly related to HDTV-type video processing stuff such as 3-2 pulldown converters and auto-detectors, multisync clock generators, motion equalizers and reconfigurable hardware processors.

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