RHP4K Series

This board has been discontinued. Please contact bunnie@mit.edu if you would like a copy of the gerber files so you can build them yourself!

The RHP4K series of reconfigurable hardware processors (RHP) is affordable, easy to use, and powerful; it is ideal for experimenters, teachers, students, and hackers. It excels at applications with inherent parallelism, such as password cracking, brute force decryption, cellular automata, and finite element analysis. This RHP technology is capable of providing performance on some applications in excess of a DEC Alpha 21164 running at 600 MHz at less than one-tenth the cost.

For more information on RHP technology please see the document "RHP Technology".

For product information on the RHP4K, please see the RHP4K Kit Assembly Guide and the RHP4K User's Guide.

picture of board

Pictured above is the RHP4K/1S. It features

The RHP4K/1S is available in kit form or fully assembled.

Currently, purchases can be made only by check or money order. Please contact bunnie@mit.edu for further information. First shipments of the RHP4K will occur in early January 1998; however, the FPC is shipping now. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery on RHP4K orders placed after January 1st, 1998.

Development software for the RHP4K/1S is available from amazon.com under the title keyword "Xilinx". The software package is called Xilinx, Student Edition, and it comes with a schematic capture tool, place and route compiler for devices up to and including 8K gates, and a tutorial book.

Test files and upload software for the RHP4K can be found here.


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